Bill Hader spills his guts over Apatow’s slasher project


I would probably have sex with SNL’s Bill Hader if he asked me to. In the meantime, I’m content to dream of all the possibilities a Judd Apatow-produced slasher satire (slashtire?) with Bill Hader headlining. Oh, am I content.

The film, once called House of Joel, is being worked on by Hader and SNL writer Simon Rich, and Hader says he’ll be meeting with Apatow and Human Giants director Jason Woliner to “figure out what the next steps are.”

Hit the jump for more details straight from the Hader’s mouth.

[Via Total Film]

“It’s a funny, funny script and it’s Judd’s take on a slasher movie. It’s been a long gestating project, but i think it’s worth it because it just keeps getting better…I play a guy who finds out that his girlfriend was basically a Laurie Strode-type from Halloween…She’s been hiding the fact that 15 years ago she survived this horrible night and the way I find this out is that I inadvertently take her back to her home town as a surprise and reawaken all the evil…It’s kind of about getting over your girlfriend’s past kinda thing. It’s sort of like having to deal with, ‘You did what!?’”

That. Sounds. Awesome.

And between Hader and the mega-talented people orbiting planet Apatow, the film formerly known as House of Joel is sure to be one that gets ALL OF MY MONEY.