[Body Snatchers is Flixist’s ode to film shirts that are clever or awesome enough to cover and consume our bodies.]

I just so happened to be watching Back to the Future Part II when I received this unbelievable news, like, 5 minutes ago. As you can probably ascertain from the video above, Nike has just announced the the Nike Air Mag shoes, also known as the self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future Part II!

The reason this is such an awesome bit of news (beyond the fact that Back to the Future Part II is my absolute favorite movie ever) is because people have been complaining for years that the hover cars and hover boards from the movie still haven’t come to be. Well, Nike’s certainly playing its part in making that future a reality! Now we just need some Asian scientists to draw up some plans for the hover technology, make it and then distribute it to every company from car manufacturers to toy makers. That’s easy stuff, though. Self-lacing shoes are a science. GET ON IT ALREADY, ASIANS! THE FUTURE’S WAITING ON YOU!

The shoes will probably cost at least $100, so start saving your pennies *snicker*. Also, they most likely won’t be releasing in huge quantities, so if you gotta have them, do your due diligence to snatch these babies up before some other shlub does.

[Via /Film]