Bond blasts back into action with new trailer for No Time to Die


Well, now I’m a little annoyed. The newest trailer for No Time to Die features a stunt in the opening moments that would have been a fantastic “Oh shit” moment to see for the first time in theaters. On the other hand, this action-heavy trailer really makes the movie look like some old-school Bond. There’s one-liners, explosions, and Rami Malek’s villain tearing through the scenery like a maniac.

It’s pretty interesting considering the previous trailers leaned more heavily into the drama and plot and not the over-the-top Bondness of it all but this one feels almost like a trailer for a Brosnan film. Obviously, the storyline has a bunch more continuity to it than a Brosnan film but it looks like the balance between old Bond and Craig Bond that Spectre attempted to strike is coming back. We’ll have to wait and see if they do a better job of it this time.

That all makes sense given that Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and Cary Joji Fukunaga wrote the screenplay. The former two have been writing Bond films for decades and replaced Danny Boyle after he dropped from the film, supposedly because Boyle wanted to kill Craig’s Bond. That idea is hinted at again, however, as the film’s new tagline is “The mission that changes everything begins…” Are they hinting that Lashana Lynch could actually be taking over the role of 007 permanently? It’s hard to “begin” anything with Craig since this is his last film.

Not Time to Die will release on November 20.

Matthew Razak
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