Borat 2 is getting a behind-the-scenes special with new footage


Amazon has announced today that a new Borat 2 behind-the-scenes special with extra footage will soon be released on Amazon Prime Video. Titled Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine, the release will be a multi-part special that not only includes some making-of material but will offer a look at cut sequences that didn’t make it into the final cut.

In a trailer for the special, we catch a rare glimpse of actor Sacha Baron Cohen breaking character during a particularly heightened moment. It comes from when Borat went to a far-right and crashed the stage to sing the ridiculously offensive “Wuhan Flu” song. At some point, the crowd realized what was going on and attempted to storm the stage, necessitating a quick escape.

There’s also extra footage of breakout star Maria Bakalova asking some journalists, “Is social distancing the reason Melania never stands close to Donald?” Bits and pieces of these extra scenes were available online prior to this special, but it seems Amazon wants to give its subscribers the full picture…not to mention net some more subscribers in the process.

There’s no release date for this special, but it seems to be right around the corner. With Borat 2 having recently been nominated for an Oscar, people are definitely going to be tuning in.

Source: Variety

Peter Glagowski
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