Breaking Bad movie will land on Netflix first, is a sequel


If you’re like me, and according to Netflix’s reported numbers a lot of you are, then you pretty much watched all of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Honestly, it was a great way to watch a show that burns slower than that rash you’ve had for the last month. With the news that a movie was coming along I was worried that I’d never get to see it as it would land on AMC, but those worries are gone as THR is reporting that Netflix has first-run rights to the movie and they’re going to take advantage of them, debuting the film before it comes to AMC.

Along with this, the sources also say that the film is a sequel that focusses on Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman. That’s been rumored for a while but this is the closest we’ve come to confirmation of the fact. The real question is where that leaves us with Bryan Cranston. Will her return in flashbacks, a technique used in Better Call Saul, or maybe he won’t show up at all? I can’t imagine that to be the case considering Cranston is the face of the show.

Wait, maybe it’s a surprise zombie movie! Walter White will return from the dead stronger and in desperate need of brains. What does he do? Create the most addictive zombie drug possible, hooking the new zombie population as Jesse desperately tries to save humanity from his ever-growing zombie army. World domination is the final step in breaking bad, right?

‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Is a Sequel Starring Aaron Paul and Will Air on AMC and Netflix [THR]

Matthew Razak
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