Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson get weird in first trailer for Unicorn Store

"Unicorn Store" Brie Larson Directorial Debut Movie Trailer

At some point during filming Captain Marvel, it appears Brie Larson leaned over to Samuel L. Jackson and said, “So I’m making this other movie…” 

And so we’ve got Unicorn Store, a film directed by Larson herself, and full of something I believe is supposed to be whimsy. Larson plays Kit, who moves home with her parents as she struggles to grow up. Then she gets an invitation to a store where Jackson, the shop owner, promises her a unicorn as long as she can show she deserves it. Then, I’m guessing, we all learn a big life lesson about adulthood. I guess this is what coming of age stories are now: adults entering adulthood.

This one isn’t sticking for me at all. It just looks a little extra in every way, like it’s trying too hard to try too hard. Look! She’s painting outside the lines! Those grumpy adults don’t like it very much, do they? I’m getting a very trippy Garden State vibe off of it for some reason, and that film hasn’t aged as well as one would hope. 

Unicorn Store will debut on Netflix on April 5, 2019. 

Matthew Razak
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