Captain Marvel producer states Disney+ shows will be crucial to the MCU


In a recent interview with, Captain Marvel producer Mary Livanos and writer Kelly Sue DeConnick explained that the upcoming slate of Disney+ shows will be crucial to the MCU. Unlike how Netflix handled its string of Marvel series, things like WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon and Winter Soldier will impact future films in tangible ways.

“They will directly affect the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some very real ways, Livanos stated. “That’s what makes the opportunity to segue into the streaming space so attractive to us at Marvel Studios. You can really tell, like a full comic book event, like a multi-issue story from the point of storytelling.” This lines up with news we recently learned about Loki, which is follow on from a plot thread teased in Endgame.

Seeing as how Disney is retaining full control of these shows, it only makes sense to have them tie-in with the films. One of my biggest issues with the Netflix series, despite the bloated runtimes, was that they felt almost adjacent to the MCU instead of a part of it. I suppose you could make some theory about them being in the multiverse now, but I’d like for a series expanding on characters in the films to actually relate to said movies. With Disney+ offering that chance, maybe these shows will feel more important as a result.

Captain Marvel Producer Explains Importance of Disney+ Shows To MCU [Comicbook]

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