Carmen Sandiego’s second season is coming to steal your time away

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 Trailer | Netflix After School


Netflix has announced that the second season of Carmen Sandiego, its animated reboot of the iconic 90s children’s edutainment character, will be available to stream starting October 1, 2019. This latest season seems to be doubling down on the action if the new trailer is anything to go by. I was actually surprised at how many brawls Carmen got into during the first season, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see they aren’t shying away from that aspect.

What remains to be seen is if the shoehorned approach to educational facts remains. The overall weakest aspect of the original, I don’t have a problem with a show trying to teach younger audiences about the world. It was the way in which the writers went about throwing random factoids that made me shake my head. There needs to be some kind of thematic glue there; you can’t have characters simply reciting encyclopedic knowledge just because the original series was built as an educational program.

We’ll find out if season two improves when it begins airing next month.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 Trailer [Netflix Kids & Family via YouTube]

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