Cary Fukunaga to adapt comic series Tokyo Ghost for his next film


With No Time to Die one of the more-severely delayed releases during the pandemic, director Cary Joji Fukunaga is now looking to his next project, revealed today to be an adaptation of the 2015 Image Comics series Tokyo Ghost.

From writer Rick Remender and artist Sean Murphy, Tokyo Ghost takes place late in the 21st century, humanity reaching levels of technological addiction even beyond what we know today. With screens levitating before its denizens, the Isles of Los Angeles, as they’re now known, is a hive of crime and sociopathy, patrolled by constables Debbie Decay and Led Dent. Bounty hunters, in a sense. Tracking a case beyond their Angelino borders, the pair head to the verdant island of Japan, where the natural world runs rampant and green across a gardenlike Tokyo. Remender and Murphy’s comic was packed to the brim with stinging social commentary, intriguing sci-fi tech, and vibrant action. A perfect movie!

The film adaptation of Tokyo Ghost is being developed by Legendary, with Fukunaga directing and the script being written by Remender.

Having run for a modest 10 issues, Tokyo Ghost is the sort of comic whose world is expansive, yet one whose story is intimate and digestible, seemingly ripe for translation to a condensed adaptation like a film. With No Time to Die looking to be Fukunaga’s biggest project yet, ramping up to what will likely be an effects-laden sci-fi spectacle like Ghost seems a natural progression for the increasingly-prolific filmmaker, as well as a thoughtful continuation from works like Beasts of No Nation and True Detective.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter