Charli XCX led documentary ‘I’m With The Band’ to hit Netflix on November 15

I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry | Official Trailer | Netflix

I guess we’ve reached a point in modern pop-culture where reality TV and comedy have intertwined with each other. Netflix is currently gearing up to launch its reality documentary series I’m With The Band and I could swear to god this is just We Are Spinal Tap, but for real. It seems like the youth of today have misunderstood the irony of that film and the subsequent band it launched.

As the story goes with this, I’m With The Band will follow a “new” group called Nasty Cherry. Created by current pop sensation Charli XCX, this group seems like a bunch of weirdos making total idiots of themselves as they create music. The trailer even has a line of “launching a group in an era where there is no roadmap for it” as if financial backing from Netflix and clout of Charli XCX wasn’t enough.

I understand these ladies may be putting themselves on the line, but this reeks of being manufactured. I guess if the music is good, then what does it really matter? At least they are being somewhat honest.

I’m With The Band‘: Charli XCX To Star In Rock Documentary Series For Netflix [Deadline]

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