Check out this new clip from Danny Boyle’s Trance


Due out in only a few days on April 5th, here’s a new clip from Danny Boyle’s mind bending art-heist caper Trance. Starring James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Rosario Dawson, the film follows McAvoy, who is suffering from amnesia after his participation in the theft of a painting that leaves him with a knock on the noggin’. And would you believe that he forgot where he put the painting! That silly rapscallion.

In this clip he finds himself trapped in the house of his “partner” (Cassel), who he believes is out to kill him. He calls his therapist (Dawson) out of desperation, and she walks him through arming himself. There’s a slight hint at some trippy stuff going on, but it’s probably just a drop in the bucket of what’s to come. I’m sure we’re in for something very interesting.

Just because I’m such a swell guy, you can also check out some new stills in the gallery down below. You’re welcome.

[Fandango via The Playlist]