Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Christmas special is a wicked holiday treat


When I first learned that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was getting a Christmas Special I was excited. I have developed a bit of a binge-watching obsession with this Netflix show and I was not disappointed by the hour-long episode. A Midwinter’s Tale is meant to bridge the gap between the end of season one leading into April’s second season and it did a fantastic job at that, tying up a few loose ends and turning the holiday creep factor up to ten. Because of where this special falls in regards to the story, there will be some spoilers for season one.

This special takes place in the days leading up to Christmas aka Solstice in witching world. It also happens right after Sabrina has signed her name in the Book of the Beast becoming a full-fledged witch and realizing she has to let her friends get used to the idea. Sabrina is also struggling to close the gap between her and her ex-boyfriend Harvey.

Aunt Zelda finds herself looking after the baby girl, Letticia who is really Father Blackwood’s heir. Aunt Hilda doesn’t really play an important role in this episode. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell is now pondering what to do now that her task for getting Sabrina to sign is done. Sabrina who encountered her mortal mother in limbo wants answers and decides to conduct a seance. Ms. Wardwell gives Sabrina her Book of the Dead again but decides Sabrina should not speak to her dead mom and once again puts the Spellmans through some holiday hell. 

In the witching world, witches light a yule log in their fireplace to keep bad spirits from entering during Solstice, but of course this yule log and put out by Ms. Wardwell’s demon powers. A creepy infestation of the ‘Yule Lads’ ensues (they are actually Poltergeists) in their home. The Spellmans have to summon their mother, another witch to get her to take them home. Sabrina’s friend Susie lands her dream job playing an Elf at Santa’s play village and her dream job turns into a nightmare.

What hit me right in the heart was Sabrina’s strained relationship with Harvey. She clearly wants to make things right but Harvey makes it clear that he really wants nothing to do with magic and doesn’t trust it. He ends up returning a Christmas gift from Sabrina and that scene had me almost crying for her.

The writers did a very very good job with this episode. I loved all the mini side stories that were going on besides focusing on the Spellmans. The special effects were also well done and the soundtrack added to the whole holiday vibe. I believe this special has something for every fan of the series with its mix of holiday and horror and will probably be watched again and again. Let us know your thoughts on this special and get ready for season two in April!

Tarah Bleier
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