Chris Hemsworth to tear through shirts as Hulk Hogan in upcoming Netflix biopic


To all my little Hulkamaniacs, take your vitamins, say your prayers, and you will someday have Chris Hemsworth play you in a major motion picture!

Director Todd Phillips (of The Hangover and most recently War Dogs) will be directing a biopic on one of wrestling’s all-time greatest heels. Since the deal is still in the midst of closing with Netflix, there are scant few details, but hot damn are there whole worlds to plunder here.

Will he cover Hulk Hogan’s wrestling career, ill-fated exploits into reality television, or his very public lawsuit against Gawker that was funded by a billionaire and led to the destruction of a tabloid empire (and also taught us that Hulk Hogan the persona has a 10-inch penis, but Terry Bollea the man is more modestly endowed outside of the ring)? I would love it to be something of a blend of all three, a very stern look at an icon’s increasingly poor behavior and bad judgement ultimately ruining everything he had achieved. If it is, though, they’d better make that shit into a mini-series. There’s no way you’re cramming that much self-destruction into two hours.

Given that this is Thor we’re talking about here, a buff young man who plays a dope for laughs, I don’t know if we’ll be seeing him as an age-worn shadow of an icon. It looks that Bollea will be an acting consultant and executive producer, as well, so this all but ensures a film that focuses more on the wrestling career, which has more than enough strange spectacle to spin a movie from.

Does this mean we’ll get to see Jason Momoa as Andre the Giant and Christian Bale as Macho Man Randy Savage? I don’t know. Maybe! The best part about knowing almost nothing about a movie is that you can make that movie into anything you want it to be.

Given how early-stages all of this is, it’s most likely something that won’t even give us a trailer for a while, but it’s one well worth keeping in the back of your mind until Hulkamania finally runs wild.

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