Chris Pine in talks to join Wonder Woman


Captain Kirk might be trading in his starship for a fighter jet. Star Trek star Chris Pine is in talks to join Warner Bros. upcoming Wonder Woman, set for a 2017 release. The film, written by Jason Fuchs and directed by Patty Jenkins, stars Gal Gadot in the titular role.

If he signs on, Pine will play Steve Trevor, classically Wonder Woman’s primary love interest. In the traditional comic book story, Steve Trevor was a fighter pilot in World War II who crashed on Paradise Island, home to the Amazons. Trevor was nursed back to health by Diana, who followed him back to “Man’s World” as Wonder Woman.

Given the fluid nature of comic book timelines (and DC’s continuity in particular) that story has been altered a few times, so it’s hard to know how that meeting will play out in this new DC Cinematic Universe. Gal Gadot will make her first appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, debuting next March.

I’m still very skeptical about just about DC’s entire slate of films after the disappointing and (at times) infuriating Man of Steel and the super grimdark footage we’ve seen of Batman v Superman, so it’s hard to know how to take this. Pine is a great actor and he certainly fits the movie’s beefcake requirement.