Christian Bale in Oldboy Remake?


What has become the diehard enthusiast (fanboy) hullabaloo of the decade, the Oldboy remake has just gotten juicier. Christian Bale, known for such obscure roles as Batman, is now considering his options for which film he will take on next. Among those options is the infamous Oldboy remake, which has many a fan causing much ballyhoo (and whining a lot). If cast, Bale would play the villain, and as such would mark a change in this current “heroic” perception he has garnered since the advent of Batman Begins. I think we all know Bale’s experience with villainous and disturbed characters and I would not be opposed to seeing more of that.

Among the other roles Bale is considering is for Clint Eastwood’s A Star is Born, in which he would play a mentor to a young Beyoncé who falls in love with her. Another major role he’s considering is for Michael Mann’s Gold, in which he would play some kind of treasure hunter. Then there are some odd roles he could ultimately take as well. Look, Bale, we don’t need Uncharted 2 and we certainly don’t need you getting into any romances. We need you back in the bastard chair a la American Psycho. Know thyself.

With this many options for roles, it’s difficult to really believe any one of these films is destined to happen… But try not to think about it too much and just enjoy The Dark Knight Rises. At least that role is a certainty.

[Via Empire]