Christina Aguilera has a new song for Mulan’s remake, is re-recording Reflection for soundtrack

Christina Aguilera - Loyal Brave True (From "Mulan"/Official Lyric Video)

While Disney’s live-action Mulan remake won’t feature any musical numbers, the soundtrack is going to have a couple of songs you can listen to while waiting for the film’s release. One such song is the new Christina Aguilera number, “Loyal, Brave, True.” Inspired by the slogan that has been used for this remake’s marketing, the song is um…typical pop?

I don’t mean to knock the song for being in a genre I don’t typically listen to, but this sounds really similar to everything else Aguilera has put out over the last 22 years. In fact, it sounds remarkably similar to her first single, “Reflections” from the original Mulan soundtrack.

While I honestly didn’t know she recorded a version of that back in the day, Aguilera has confirmed she will be redoing the song for this new remake. It’s kind of cool that she’s coming full circle with her career, but it also makes me wonder why Disney is even producing songs for the film. I guess you have to have something to market and sell.

Christina Aguilera Drops New Song For ‘Mulan‘ & Confirms She’s Re-Recorded ‘Reflection [Hollywood Life]

Christina Aguilera – Loyal Brave True [DisneyMusicVEVO via YouTube]

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