Christopher Nolan’s next film will tackle the Manhattan Project


Following last year’s terrific Tenet, Christopher Nolan is reeling his next film in for more World War II-era history, with a film based on J Robert Oppenheimer’s development of the atomic bomb.

Little is known about the project, coming from a script by Nolan, with rumors of longtime collaborator Cillian Murphy (Batman BeginsDunkirk) attached to a key role in the Oppenheimer film. Nolan is set to produce with producing partner Emma Thomas for Syncopy Inc.

Big news for Nolan’s next is that it will end the several years running partnership he’s held with Warner Bros, this next film produced by Universal Pictures. Starting with his 2002 remake Insomnia, Nolan has partnered with Warner Bros. on all eight of his subsequent features, making the shift to Universal no small detail.

The shakeup in partnership certainly may have to do with the controversial stance Warner Bros. has taken to the “same-day premiere” policy, where new releases hit theaters as well as their HBO Max streaming service simultaneously. A vocal opponent of the policy (at least, the way in which it was initiated), Nolan has caught some flak for his stubborn support of theatrical releases amidst the pandemic, though ultimately its tentpole releases like Tenet that keep theater chains afloat. Film exhibition is a tricky business these days…

With Universal backing, Nolan’s Oppenheimer film is reportedly greenlit and set to start production early in 2022.

Source: Deadline