Clint Howard will have a cameo in the Han Solo standalone movie


If you haven’t heard, the Han Solo standalone movie is sort of a mess. Short version: directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired over creative differences several months into production, star Alden Ehrenreich has had issues delivering a good performance, and Ron Howard was brought in for reshoots and to complete the film. Oof. Good luck–you’re gonna need it.

Well, wherever Ron goes, so goes younger brother and oddball cult actor Clint Howard. Many of Ron Howard’s films feature small roles for his brother, going all the way back to Ron’s 1977 feature-film debut Grand Theft Auto. (I know what you’re thinking, and no, no relation to that Grand Theft Auto.)

Over on Twitter, Ron Howard seemed to confirm that Clint will have a some sort of on-screen appearance in the film.

Clint Howard is not the only potential cameo in the Han Solo solo film. There is speculation that Darth Vader will be in the film as well.

Because franchise, I guess.

So, at least we’ll have Clint Howard in a Star Wars movie, who also appeared in an episode of the original Star Trek. There’s that.

Well… ummm… here’s Clint Howard winning a Lifetime Achievement MTV Movie Award to take up a bit more space.

MTV Lifetime Achievement Award to Clint Howard

For those wondering, Chewbacca also won a Lifetime Achievement MTV Movie Award.

It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

Be interesting to see what sort of movie this winds up being. It’ll probably be a messy bit of space junk, sort of like the Millennium Falcon, which I always assumed was the space equivalent of a crummy big rig truck.

May not be pretty, bucko, but you’re here now, ain’t ya? C’mon. I’ll buy ya a sloppy joe.

[via Heat Vision/THR]
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