Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video’s The Wizard of Gore


The contests keep coming: Win a copy of Arrow Video’s The Wizard of Gore.

It’s new release Tuesday, which means we’re continuing our streak of giving away great Blu-rays from our friends at MVD Entertainment. This week we’ve got Arrow Video’s release of the classic schlocky horror film The Wizard of Gore!

Now, who wants to step up and be my assistant?

The Wizard of Gore (1970) - Trailer #1

Do the heavy lifting for me, MVD:

You’ve all seen the trick in which the magician saws his glamorous assistant in half — but what about the spike through the brain gag? Or the good old smashing punch-press? Montag the Magnificent’s blood-curdling onstage performances shock and dazzle his audiences in equal measure. But when his participants start winding up dead, local TV talk show hostess Sherry Carson suspects his gruesome “act” may be more sinister than it first seems… Featuring some of the most notorious gory setpieces in all of director H.G. Lewis’ blood-soaked career, The Wizard of Gore is a stomach-churning, Grand Guignol production that’s less sleight of hand and more slice of hand!

Don’t you just love 70s schlock?

To enter to win, use the widget below to drop your name and email address. If you’re feeling extra giving, follow Flixist on Twitter and share the post with your friends. If you’re like me and don’t have any friends, conjure some up using your magical abilities. Just don’t kill them, like in the movie. That would be bad.

We have one Blu-ray copy to give out. This is a physical prize, and as such, you must have a United States mailing address in order to win. Winner will be drawn on Monday, November 19.

The Wizard of Gore is available for purchase now from MVD Entertainment. Head over to Destructoid for more opportunities to win!

Win a Blu-ray copy of Arrow Video’s The Wizard of Gore