Could Ryan Reynolds pass on Green Lantern 2?


Back in May, we told you that Green Lantern director Martin Campbell would not be returning to direct the sequel. Now it appears the potential franchise could also lose it’s Hal Jordan, as THR reports multiple “industry sources” think Ryan Reynolds should pass on the role and explore other opportunities. Warner Bros. certainly has every intention of producing a sequel or two — they had Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg working on the follow-up before the film even opened — but underwhelming box office numbers could cause Warner to scale back the production budget.

At the very least, Ryan Reynolds has openly expressed his willingness to reprise the role, although that could easily change. The non-stop barrage of television advertising, merchandising, and Harry Potter’s looming finale doesn’t seem to indicate that Warner is ready to give up on the Lantern Corps quite yet. Personally, I found Green Lantern enjoyable despite it’s flaws, although it was a bit too focused on Earth for a movie about a cosmic hero. Moreover, I enjoyed the promise of some more space-fairing sequels. I can’t say I was the biggest fan of Reynold’s interpretation of Hal Jordan, but I’m not terribly keen on the idea of recasting the position either.

[Via THR]