Criminal’s first teaser is teasing as all get out

Criminal | Cast Announcement | Netflix

Look, it’s not going to be easy going for Netflix in the coming years as media heavyweights start yanking their content from the streaming platform and start putting it on their own platforms. They’re not just losing content, but clout. The reason people subscribe isn’t just for current films, but TV and movies they already love. How do they survive? By taking risks with their content and Criminal looks like a fantastic risk. 

The show is high-concept; it takes place entirely in police interrogation rooms across four countries. Each episode will take a look at unique crime stories that took place in Spain, Germany, England, and France, with each country getting three episodes. The kicker is that all the talent in front and behind the camera will be from the country that the episode is taking place in. We all know Haley Atwell and David Tenant, but the rest of the cast is pretty big in their respective worlds and the folks behind the camera are too. 

The biggest problem with risky shows like this, however, is that they can fall flat on their face. We all know that interrogation rooms can make for some great television, but an entire show based around them might be a hard sell. The episodes are only 45 minutes, though, so that does seem like it won’t suffer too much from bloat. Coupled with the fact that each episode appears to be its own story, I think they can make it work. 

Matthew Razak
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