Danger abounds in the final trailer for Lost in Space


Ah, space. That vast, expansive plane filled simultaneously with light and dark and everything unknown to mankind. We’ve put a man on the moon and sent a rover to Mars, though perhaps the biggest contribution space has made to the general public is the galaxy brain meme. It’s also given Hollywood lots and lots to explore. 

The exploration into the void traverses forward with the new season of Netflix’s Lost in Space. When we last saw the Robinsons, they narrowly escaped death in various forms and were on their way to reconnect with their colonist group on the Resolute. But, as the classic space trope dictates, the unexpected occurs and the crew was transported to a completely different galaxy as the series is set to pick up in season two. 

The final trailer for the upcoming season starts off light, with Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” setting the mood with its upbeat rift as we watch a spaceship turn into a seafaring ship. Things take a quick turn and the mood darkens as danger swiftly takes over as the crew search for a way to get back on course and, as the trailer alludes, Will’s robot friend who has a larger role to play.  

Season two of Lost in Space hits Netflix on December 24th. 

Nick Hershey