Danny Boyle in talks for Leonardo DiCaprio led Steve Jobs film


Well, we had Jobs, which was kind of the quick cash in on the whole Steve Jobs biography thing, but it’s time for the big guns to come out. Sony pictures has been whipping up fervor over its adaptation of the popular biography of Steven Jobs as David Fincher dropped out over arguments over control. However, THR reports that they’re now in talks with Danny Boyle to take over and have Leonardo DiCaprio star (instead of Fincher’s desired star, Christian Bale).

Nothing has been tied up yet, but things seem to be going well at least for Boyle. DiCaprio might be a bit too tied up with other projects, but there’s hope. I think Boyle is the more important part here. His style and ground breaking directing could really fit into a Jobs biopic, and give us something a bit closer to what the man deserves than Ashton Kutcher could deliver. 

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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