Danny Boyle’s Yesterday gets its first trailer today

Yesterday - In Theaters June 28 (HD)

Danny Boyle is my kryptonite. He has a way of taking high concept material and making it relatable and magical. Even his bad films have a bit of something to them that make them special. Yesterday seems right in line with the director’s prolific work as he takes a big concept — the Beatles never existing — and turns it into a personal story. The first trailer for it, full of every Beatles song that makes you feel emotions — just landed.

Himesh Patel and Lily James star in the movie, which looks like its leaning very hard into the romantic comedy genre. However, unlike other recent rom-coms involving someone getting injured and waking up in a different world, Yesterday‘s premise looks interesting and Danny Boyle is one of the best directors working. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Beatles music. It’s ingrained in the very soul of the world at this point and if aren’t able to tug at the heartstrings after shelling out for the rights to Beatles songs then you shouldn’t be put in charge of a movie.

Yesterday lands on June 28, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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