David Attenborough to show us Life in Color with new Netflix series


Who needs some natural beauty to liven up their pandemic? “All of us,” is likely the answer, and Netflix and Sir David Attenborough would be the ones to answer the call with their new documentary series Life in Color, coming to the streaming service this Earth Day.

As the title would suggest, Life in Color is based on the premise of exploring the ways in which color is used in nature, whether for defense, socialization, or any number of other magnificent means wildlife may employ, sometimes there’s more to beauty than… beauty! The new trailer for Life in Color touts custom cameras developed “especially for this series,” lending an especially graphic, bold presentation to the wildlife on display. As if past Attenborough documentaries haven’t been visually-arresting before, Life in Color sounds as if it will predicate upon a central theme of genuinely exploring the nuance behind what often makes nature so strikingly beautiful.

Not the first time Attenborough has worked with Netflix, the feature documentary A Life on Our Planet launched on the streaming service last year, which saw the iconic environmentalist and documentarian step into the spotlight a bit, with personal anecdotes chronicling his extensive career in the field of natural history and broadcasting for the BBC.

Premiering on Earth Day, April 22nd, Life in Color is set to stream on Netflix in three 50-minute chapters, spanning the length of the globe in what will surely be educational, as well as evocative. Certainly, the trailer alone makes for a soothing experience on the eyes.