David Lynch reportedly developing an original series for Netflix


After releasing a typically-odd short film for the service, David Lynch is allegedly preparing for production on an original series for Netflix. After producing his follow-up season of Twin Peaks for Showtime, the jump to the streaming titan would appear to be indicative of a developing partnership for the iconic surrealist.

Under the working title Wisteria, Lynch is looking to begin shooting this May, according to Production Weekly. Rumors had previously indicated that Lynch was working on “25 hour-long episodes” of something, with confirmation that plans to fully begin a project were hampered by the pandemic. The details of the production are to be determined, but it makes sense that Lynch is getting back into the swing of things as film and television productions learn to operate under the pandemic.

It was also confirmed by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost via his Twitter account that he is not involved with any upcoming Lynch project, making a second return to the series for Lynch increasingly unlikely.

Details are scarce, but for many the remote possibility of new, substantial work from David Lynch is in itself tantalizing news. Stay tuned for more information on the Netflix series, or any other Lynchian peculiarities.

Source: The Film Stage