Deadpool director Tim Miller now working on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie


Tim Miller recently left the sequel to Deadpool over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, which included clashes over tone and the casting of Cable. As Deadpool 2 looks for a new director, Miller has set his sights on a new project: the Sonic the Hedgehog film adaptation for Sony.

That’s right, Sonic fans and perverts–the Sonic movie now has some momentum behind it.

Miller will serve as executive producer on the movie and develop the project with his Blur Studios partner Jeff Fowler. Fowler will direct the CG/live-action family movie, with Patrick Casey and Josh Miller (Golan the Insatiable) writing the screenplay.

If this doesn’t get trapped in development hell, it will be Fowler’s directorial debut. Aside from his work on animated shorts, Fowler’s most notable credit is part of animation research and development for Spike Jonze’s 2009 adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.

We reported on the live-action/CG Sonic the Hedgehog movie earlier this year. As it stands, the movie is still aiming for a 2018 release.

What do you think about a Sonic film with this creative team? Is there someone else who should be at the helm? Are your dreams now tainted by this devilishy sexy image? Let us know in the comments.

[via THR/Heat Vision]
Hubert Vigilla
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