Disinfect your bowling ball for the Jesus Rolls teaser


Last summer, John Turturro confirmed his plan to bring his Big Lebowski character back to the big screen in The Jesus Rolls spin-off. The epic bowler with a checkered past got minimal screen time, but Turturro made the most of it. Now he’s released the first teaser. 

The Jesus Rolls - Official Teaser

In the teaser, Quintana licks the ball in a way that’s somehow even creepier than when we last saw him, while tossing the ball down the lane with the grimaced effort of a man aged by two decades. The ball coasts down the lane before pulling a flying sequence over trees and into space, harkening back to The Dude’s drug-addled dream. 

The Jesus Rolls is Turturro’s pet project for quite a few years. The actor wrote and directed the film, completing it in 2016. The last few years have been spent square-dancing to find the right partner in Screen Media, which he confirmed last summer. There’s no release date at this time, and hopes are a trailer is released to shed some more light on just what’s in store for the bowler. 

Nick Hershey