Disney Animation announces five new Disney+ shows with a new princess


For fans of Disney Animation, a real special treat is coming your way in the next few years outside of Pixar’s wonderful new films like Turning Red.  Firstly, not one but four different original animated series are heading to Disney+ between 2022-2023, all based on previous Disney animated films. No one saw this coming and as a true blue Disney fan myself, this is welcome news. This news comes tonight via Twitter and the titles announced were also a sweet surprise. According to the tweet, these are Disney Animation’s first-ever original animated series.

In 2022 we have Baymax!, Tiana, and Zootopia+ with Moana coming in 2023. It’s a bit of a wait but also great to know we have new content on the way. Now my question is were these all originally sequels that were supposed to be films aiming to hit theaters but because of COVID-19 Disney decided to make them into a series instead? Or could it be that after the success of Tangled the Series these were already in the works before 2020?

Whether or not these were supposed to be theatrical releases is irrelevant at the moment until theaters safely re-open. Out of all these, I am most excited for Tiana, Zootopia, and Moana. Big Hero 6 wasn’t my favorite film but I am sure fans of Baymax and co will love the show.

Secondly, another big piece of news is that Disney will be teaming up with Pan-African entertainment company Kugali to give us a brand new sci-fi series and the first Pan-African Princess in Iwájú.  This will also make its debut in 2022 also on Disney+. It looks absolutely stunning visually and should be another interesting series to check out.

Whatever your favorite character or film is, there will be something for everyone. While this may be headed straight to Disney+ and viewers are probably getting of staying at home it’s still something positive to look forward to.  Thank you Disney for giving us some bright news in a truly dull year and here’s to the next few years of some awesome content!

Source: Twitter

Tarah Bleier
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