Disney vows it won’t clean up Deadpool’s dirty mouth, will keep making Fox’s adult properties


Disney CEO and knife game aficionado Bob Iger is telling investors to keep their pants on, Deadpool will forever remain an R-rated franchise. If this sounds familiar, it’s because I reported the exact same thing (and made it funnier) over a year ago. Iger’s likely doubling down because Deadpool 2’s world cum recently surpassed the originals and is now approaching $786 million, not only suggesting, but fucking screaming at everyone that the formula’s still not broke and don’t fucking try to fix it.

Otherwise, this is the same old fanboy and investor pandering that we got back in December of 2017, when the Disney acquisition of Fox’s film and television assets wasn’t complete either. You will note that the $52.4 billion price tag ended up being nudged towards $71.3 billion (thanks Comcast!), but otherwise, there’s not a lot of new to pick through. Iger did further suggest that R-rated and adult properties, like Deadpool, will likely receive special packaging, making it clear to misguided grandmothers everywhere that these Disney films are not suitable viewing material for little Timmy and friends.

It makes perfect sense. It’s the rare company that will give up billions of easy dollars when there are ways to protect their brand and still reap the rewards of their own intellectual property. 

Disney Promises Marvel Will Keep Making R-Rated ‘Deadpool’ Movies [Variety]

Photo credit [Gemma Duffil]