Dracula hits Netflix tomorrow, so here’s a trailer

Dracula | Final Trailer | Netflix

Dracula, yet another interpretation of the famous Bram Stoker novel, will be hitting Netflix tomorrow. A series based around the eponymous character, I had completely forgotten that this was even a thing. Boasting talent involved with the BBC’s Sherlock series (which this trailer is happy to point out), this looks to be yet another dud of a program that Netflix will use to pad out its existence.

Seriously, why does this show look bland as hell? If I wasn’t already familiar with the character, I’d have no idea what this show was supposed to be about. Is it a monster becoming a man? Is it some dude obsessed with blood? Why should I even bother watching this? Also, can we stop the trend of putting slowed down, crappy versions of popular songs into trailers?

Well, if you’re a glutton for punishment, Dracula will begin streaming tomorrow, January 4, on Netflix. Good luck.

Dracula | Final Trailer [Netflix via YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
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