Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma series will debut on September 17


Talk about a wonderful surprise. The previously teased Dragon’s Dogma anime series from Netflix will be debuting on September 17, 2020. Announced last March and then seemingly disappearing into the ether, it seems fans will need to clear their early fall calendars for some crazy anime goodness.

While Netflix isn’t quite ready to share a trailer for the series, a new poster gives us an idea of what the animation will look like. This bears some resemblance to Castlevania, another video game adaptation that the streaming juggernaut has. The two don’t share the same production house, though, as Dragon’s Dogma is being worked on by Sublimation Inc.

I think many fans may have forgotten this was a thing. Capcom, the publisher of the series, hasn’t spoken about this adaptation for more than a year now. Production obviously went smoothly otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing about a debut in the coming months.

There’s still a lot we don’t know, but at least the series didn’t get outright canceled. Netflix seemingly has the market cornered on game adaptations and will likely continue to push in that direction in the future. If Dragon’s Dogma ends up even half as good as Castlevania, then I’m all for it.

Source: Twitter

Peter Glagowski
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