Dundee movie is all a big stupid marketing scheme and the world hates us


A few days ago we all got kind of excited for Dundee, a move that appeared to be about Crocodile Dundee’s son returning to Australia. The teaser was just enough to make it look real and make it look kind of funny. I mean the original film is pretty hilarious, and Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth playing off each other just seems perfect. Sadly, it is too good to be true. 

According to The Brisbane Times the teaser and all the promotional material around it are all a big viral marketing ploy for Tourism Australia, which is leading up to the Super Bowl. Yes, we were all fooled. While Tourism Australia is offering “no comment” on the report there is no proof of any movie called Dundee being made. Plus, Steve Rogers, the film’s supposed director, is a well known commercial director. 

I’m not angry at this per se, more just disappointed. I actually got kind of excited for this movie to exist, and now it won’t. Then again, as the campaign continues we will hopefully get a bunch of funny commercials without having to sit through some painful plot of an entire film. Maybe this is the best timeline then. And of course, now that there is Internet proof that people would like to see this Hollywood will probably make one and prove that it definitely did make a better ad campaign than movie. 

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Matthew Razak
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