Dune gets postponed to October 1, 2021


The unthinkable has happened: a movie planned for release in 2020 has been delayed to 2021. Joking aside, a new report from Collider has confirmed that Dune, the upcoming sci-fi adaptation from director Denis Villeneuve, has been postponed to an October 1, 2021 release date. The film was previously on track for “December,” though Warner Bros. never quite confirmed that.

The main reason for this big delay seems to be down to No Time To Die’s recent delay. With MGM not having confidence in 2020, it looks as if every major studio is now following suit. I think it might have more to do with major theater chains closing until the new year, but tomato tomato…That turn of phrase doesn’t translate well into writing.

For his part, Villeneuve is supposedly supportive of Warner Bros.’s decision to delay the film until next year. With the man heavily believing in the theater experience, he wants people to have the opportunity to catch the movie on the big screen. I can appreciate that, even if I don’t necessarily believe it anymore. My friend’s amazing 60-inch Plasma still outclasses most theaters I’ve been to, not to mention his ridiculous sound system.

With Dune now pushed into next year, it seems the only films left for 2020 will be Soul, Free Guy, and Wonder Woman 1984. I’m almost certain all three of those will have a change of heart in the coming days.

Source: Collider

Peter Glagowski
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