Eddie Murphy brings the Blacksplotation hero to life in Dolemite Is My Name


Anyone who enjoys a pimp doing kung fu while saying the cheesiest shit the 70s could ever deliver has seen Dolemite. And as everyone in the world enjoys that exact thing that means everyone has seen Dolemite.

Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

OK, maybe that’s not true, and that is why it’s awesome that Eddie Murphy and Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer are making Dolemite Is My Name for Netflix. The movie tells the “true story” of Rudy Ray Moore, a struggling comedian/singer who came up with the character of Dolemite and then somehow made a hit movie with him during the Blacksplotation era. It’s a ridiculous story about a ridiculous film that looks absolutely amazing.

As you can see from the trailer there’s a mix of comedy and drama in here that looks perfect for Eddie Murphy, who can nail dramatic roles like this when he tries. You’ve also got (-Michael Key, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Wesley Snipes rounding out a great cast. I’m not sure if this will become a big hit for Netflix as its subject matter is pretty niche, but it would be incredible if it was and in turn more people watched the true glory that is Dolemite

Matthew Razak
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