Enter the Void director’s cut to be re-released in theaters


After you’ve seen 100s of films year after year after year you really start to crave something bold and original in its goals and execution. You need something that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before so that you can truly sit on a ride whose journey is completely unpredictable and refreshing. The bizarre film Enter the Void certainly had some issues, but it’s very much that kind of film, which makes it a shame that even after reviewing it and having Tarantino trying to gain attention for the controversial director’s movie it’s still mostly an unknown film title.

Gaspar Noé hopes to change that and has announced that he’ll be releasing his original and uncut director’s version of Enter the Void in New York and Los Angeles theaters from January 14th to the January 26th, which is its DVD release date. With a DVD release looming so close it’s probably not that great of a strategy, but hopefully it will at least pump up disc sales.

If you want spoilers you can read through some of what the extra 20 minutes of footage contains here on IFC Films. I expected that it would make me like it even more and for Toby to like it even less, but I’ll admit the additional scenes probably won’t add too much since the pacing problem came later in the film — not the beginning. Even so, since I know many of you still aren’t interested I’ll shamelessly play the sex card and mention that you see a whole lot ofBoardwalk Empire‘s salacious Paz de la Huerta, and that the stripper scenes make Natalie Portman look like a joke in Closer. Give this uncomfortable film a try!