Everything Sucks, Netflix’s 90s nostalgia series has trailer, will whine about it


Choo-choo! All aboard the nostalgia train (aka the Hollywood gravy train)! Next stop, the nineties!

Netflix has upped their original content game and having conquered 80s nostalgia with Stranger Things, they’ve set their sights on the less memorable 90s. Trailer failure is common enough diagnosis, and here, probably appropriate. Perhaps pointing out technological primitiveness of the 90s is an appropriate direction for a comedy, perhaps not. Ultimately, this tease feels like just that, a teaser, not a full-blown trailer designed to give real insight into the show’s direction. And with a name like Everything Sucks, the direction could be virtually anywhere.

We’ll find out what exactly, and whether or not everything, sucks when season 1 debuts, in its entirety, February 16, 2018.