Everything that happened at New York Comic Con 2019


It’s been a couple of days since New York Comic Con wrapped up and while most of our writers are recovering from the dreaded con flu, you can read all of our articles without feeling like your stomach is turning inside out! 

While this year’s convention may not have been as grand as previous years without any major bombshell announcements, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t good stuff shown off. We’ve learned about upcoming TV shows, sat down with celebrities and actors for some good R&R, and even ate some bugs because it’s still better than spending $6 for a hot dog. Here’s hoping to another excellent con next year with just as many tales to tell!

Jesse Lab
The strange one. The one born and raised in New Jersey. The one who raves about anime. The one who will go to bat for DC Comics, animation, and every kind of dog. The one who is more than a tad bit odd. The Features Editor.