Final Space season 2 trailers tease giant cookies and a stellar soundtrack


Buckle up and hold onto your cookies, nerds, because Season 2 of Final Space is officially on its way. This week two new trailers have dropped for the second instalment, which were released on both Youtube (by AdultSwim, the Cartoon Network slot also responsible for Rick and Morty) and on the show’s official Twitter. After a bit of social media buzz building up over the last few weeks, with several announcements teasing the new series, we’ve finally got a real preview of the high-stakes, darkly comic animation-adventure due to hit Netflix internationally next month.

In the first trailer we get giant cookies, battles to the death and more classic deadpan KVN humour. It promises even more action than season 1, launching directly into the war for the universe that Gary, his dad, and his crew fought hard for. From this first look we get an in-depth look at the series, with familiar characters — Gary, Little Cato and KVN, among others, plus some new faces . Sadly, though, some haven’t returned (no Quinn?) and I’m left wondering whether the season finale really spelled the end for them, or if there’s a slight glimmer of hope that they’ll make a comeback.

The second trailer (via Twitter) is a bit more of what I might have been expecting from Final Space. The tone is more pensive and the colour palette made of much warmer, darker tones more in line with the sombre ending of the first season — or just the huge fire off screen (sure, we’ll go with that.) Aside from the reincarnation of autopilot H.U.E, by far the best thing about it is its surprisingly heart-tugging soundtrack, which was what made the first season so memorable.

This week Olan Rogers took over the social media for Final Space, with permission from AdultSwim and TBS, who are airing the show, and answered a barrage of questions from the Internet. Who’s the new Mooncake? Is there going to be a film, a videogame or a VR experience? Will Final Space finally make it to Comic Con? Rogers has taken to the keyboard to answer as much as he can and promises that “s2 is way more fun but will drop kick you in the heart when you least expect it.” Nice.

It’ll be available across a few different platforms: season 2 is due to start airing on AdultSwim from June 24th for an extended 13 episode season — a bonus, stepping up from the 10 episodes for season 1. For season 1, episodes weren’t added weekly as we see with some other shows that are carried by Netflix outside of the United States, meaning that it’s likely that viewers with access to Netflix internationally can watch the entire show to their heart’s content on release.

Netflix US won’t have access to the show yet, but it’s reportedly been available on Hulu previously. Viewers in the UK will know that Channel 4 has recently become the home of AdultSwim content with an overall output deal, meaning that it’s more likely season 2 will be making its presence known over here first. So until it makes its way to US shores — I’ve got you covered.

Sian Francis Cox
Sian is Flixist’s UK Editor and has written for sites including Escapist Magazine, Destructoid, and Film Enthusiast.