First images of Netflix’s Jessica Jones are not so superhero


It’s been pretty clear that Netflix’s Jessica Jones, the second of their Marvel shows to land, wasn’t going to be quite like the rest of Marvel’s line-up. To start the plot is about a superhero who has retired and now she’s solving superhero mysteries. That lends far more to a police procedural style show than anything else and judging from these pictures that’s what we’ll get. 

That and David Tenant smoldering… drool.

The images are jam packed with Kristen Ritter, who plays the title character, looking away from the camera. Otherwise they hint at a continuation of the ground level storytelling that we saw in Daredevil. This isn’t going to be big, world defining stuff, but more New York-based crime solving. It should be an interesting new take on the Marvel universe when the show lands in November.

Matthew Razak
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