First trailer for Our Brand is Crisis ditches the comedy


Let’s talk for a moment about David Gordon Green because he directed The Brand is Crisis, and he’s kind of all over the place. He’s famous for Pineapple Express, and like any good director who went mainstream in a certain genre he followed it up with more in that genre. That didn’t go well. The Sitter and Your Highness both bombed. However, Green turned back to his indie drama roots and knocked it out of the park twice in a row with Prince Avalanche and Joe.

And that brings us to Our Brand is Crisis, which seems to be a fantastic middle point between his main stream satire and his indie drama. This new trailer focuses a lot on the drama, but with Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thorton in there it’s probably a smart marketing move. Political satire is hard to nail, but Green is the kind of guy who can pull it off. If it works I could definitely see some surprise Oscar nominations coming out of this one. 

Our Brand Is Crisis - Official Trailer [HD]

Matthew Razak
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