Flixist Community Discusses: X-Men: Days of Future Past


X-Men: Days of Future Past is the seventh X-Men film. Let that sink in for a moment. From the time the X-Men series began we’ve had world politics change forever, several global warming scares, and three different incarnations of the Hulk. It’s been a wild ride. Days of Future Past is like a time capsule of the 00s, a time where heroes wearing black leather is still cool, things don’t need to make sense, and old men are fearsome villains. 

But was it all worth it? Although I thought it was good in my review, did the Flixist Community agree? Thanks to Flixist Community Discusses, we’ll discover why DOFP may or may not be successful in what it set out to do! 

Gathered from the comments (from both the opinions post and the review) and Twitter, here’s what the Flixist Community thinks of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Spoilers ahead! 

Here are a few comments from community members who really liked the film! 


I like how it took the premise of the comics but applied it to the film continuity. Also Quicksilver proved everyone wrong.


DoFP was a great way to erase (most of) the mistakes of X3 and breathe life back into the X-Men franchise. It was more bridge than blockbuster, but it was a damn sturdy bridge.

Matthew Razak (Flixist Editor-in-Chief, from the review):

The real strength in X-Men: Days of Future Past is not its action or its time traveling paradoxes, but the fact that it hones in on the characters and doesn’t let go. While replete with cameos and small parts for almost every X-Man who has ever been on screen this film is really about Professor Xavier, Mystique and Magneto with Wolverine acting as a guide. By focusing on the issues and people of X-Men and not on the power the movie succeeds, especailly thanks to its fine cast. Definitely the best of the X-Men films while being both thought provoking and entertaining.

Nick Valdez (Flixist News Editor):

I liked seeing Hugh Jackman’s huge, jacked bare ass. Been waiting something like 14 years for that, so thank you. 

And because of carg0, all I could think of when I saw Xavier was “You ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.”

And now community members who liked DOFP with a few hangups. Everything’s leaning more positively! 


Wonderful contrast and matching between past and future worlds, but ultimately didn’t amount to anything more than what X2 did. Mystique didn’t feel like enough of a well-rounded character to have the plot hinge on her.

Hanajun Chung: 

When that film started with Xavier’s opening lines, I had the 90’s theme playing in my head. For me, that’s as iconic as the Elfman score for Burton’s “Batman”.

“DOFP” was a step in the right direction. Like “First Class” and “The Wolverine,” they managed to tell an engaging and entertaining story that might not have cared about continuity, but clearly showed interest in the characters and the narrative. But aside from continuity, “DOFP” had huge plot-holes. The big one is Kitty Pryde’s ability to send Logan’s consciousness back. I know it’s a nod to the comic in a loose way, but it’s quite baffling even when newer mutants from the future timeline were given ample time to show off their their powers. Maybe I’m not familiar with something.

But I’m not complaining, as this is probably one of the top summer releases for me. The action sequences with the X-Men in the future timeline is everything I imagined. While Singer’s previous films showed battles, and Rattner attempted to demonstrate teamwork, it wasn’t until this film that you really got the sense that these characters have fought as a unit. When Blink is providing portals for people, it’s just awesome. 
To have the best of the old and new cast in one film is simply awesome in an acting perspective. Quicksilver’s scenes are pretty outstanding. I know I’m probably echoing a lot of other criticisms, but it’s honestly how I felt after my screening.

Also, didn’t that ending feel like “Timecop” to anyone, only without Van Damme and the line about hot dogs?


They need to make more X-Men movies with the Original cast. IT shows that it makes them the $$$. First Class and the Wolverine flopped without the original cast – they need to utilize the fanbase. meaning. use rogue. The movie was absolutely great and it’s because the original cast- having a fanbase of 14 yrs- were pleased! But they honestly need to make a separate film with the original cast. The Re-boots aren’t working- first class tanked.

And these community members have the most spoiler filled contributions. Enjoy at your own risk! 


I thought it was OK. A solid 3/5 in my book but, unlike ‘First Class’, it’s not a movie I’ll be adding to my collection. DoFP is a (tiny) step backwards.

There’s no doubt in mind, though, had Matt Vaughn been directing I’d be singing a different tune. And I’ll probably wind up saying the same thing about it’s sequel ‘Age of Aquarius’

…I mean ‘Auspices of Aquaman’

‘Admiration of Autumn’?

something about a blue guy from Egypt… whatever…

Chad Almasy: 

 Best X-Men movie yet. I’m so glad they didn’t focus too much on Wolvie this time around. I also love how they gave Mystique time to shine, she was absolutely awesome.


I’m glad they brought back people at the end, though I hope they stick with the past X-Men in future movies. I hate the wooden portrayals from Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden of their respective characters.

I can’t wait for Apocalypse. He was my second favorite villain from the 90s cartoon (the first being Mr. Sinister). I hope they can nail him as beautifully as they did back then.


So, it looks like we have a winner! With the past two Community Discusses, we’ve had a basically even split down the middle. But it seems by all of your comments, most of us enjoyed Days of Future Past. A lot of you rightfully pointed out some flaws (younger actors don’t work, the logic of the film is wonky and needs further explanation, and focusing so much on Mystique may have been a mistake), but I’m feeling the positivity. 

You’ve got a winner, Bryan Singer. Too bad you probably won’t direct these anymore. 

What did you think of Days of Future Past? Comments or suggestions? Keep an eye out for future discussion opportunities! Special thanks to all who contributed!