Fox might trade with Marvel for extended Daredevil rights


UPDATE: According to Deadline, Fox has denied talk of any trades with Marvel because of the Fantastic Four reboot in the near future. Sad day. 

The deadline for the Daredevil property to return to Marvel is October 10th, according to Variety, and Fox is looking to keep the franchise past its due date so they can produce a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller” reboot that wouldn’t necessarily fit in with Marvel’s current Phase Two plans. What does fit in Marvel’s plans is the Fantastic Four franchise, and Marvel is considering allowing Fox to keep Daredevil for an extended period of time (to produce a reboot) if Fox were to give Marvel the right to use characters from the Fantastic Four property which includes the four, Silver Surfer, and most importantly for Phase Two, Galactus.

Collider notes that Joe Carnahan (The Grey) may direct the “hardcore thriller,” while Carnahan has tweetedDD-MM-73″ in response. According to Collider, “DD-MM-73” refers to a comic where Daredevil is joined by Nick Fury and Iron Man. 

I really hope these kids play nice and the trade talks actually come to fruition. It would mean HUGE things for the Marvel films. There would be a greater sense of unity and the films will only increase in scale. Since Marvel is really going the galactic route with their films, Galactus is necessary. The dude eats whole planets! Then if Thanos shows up? The threat would necessitate a team up of the Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, a begrudging Doctor Doom who has nothing better to do and a return of H.E.R.B.I.E!!! I…I need to be alone for a few minutes. 

[via Variety and Collider