Fox, Paul Feig, and Hasbro are working on a Play-Doh movie for some reason


So with everything under the sun getting a big screen adaptation these days, it’s high time for Play-Doh to get in the game. No, really. No, seriously. Like, really really. According to Deadline, Hasbro approached Fox and Paul Feig to come up with a story suitable for Play-Doh. I’m sorry folks, even typing this out hurts my heart. I’m not a big fan of Paul Feig, and after Hasbro’s last big efforts (Transformers: Age of Extinction and Ouija) failed to prove me wrong, this is going to be just the worst. 

Even the film’s details are awful. Deadline reports that this’ll be a live action film. That already misconstrues the property. From literally step one, this project is headed for its doom. We’ll keep you updated of course. I mean, after Hasbro set up that writer’s room to develop numerous Transformers sequels and spin-offs, I just can’t bring myself to care anymore. 

[via Deadline]