‘Friends’ gets to stay on Netflix thanks to $100M agreement


Fans of the popular sitcom Friends were worried when they learned the show would be leaving Netflix. Thanks to the large outcry Netflix has reportedly made a crazy deal with the rights holder, WarnerMedia. They will retain Friends streaming rights at a steep price -$100 million dollars. This is to keep the show on the popular platform for at least another year. Previously it only cost Netflix $30 million a year to keep the show streaming.

The other juicy details of the deal according to two confidential sources who spoke with the New York Times were not disclosed. All we really know right now is that Netflix made this giant deal just to keep Friends fans happy.

Friends ended its ten-year run in 2004 and clearly, people still love all the quirky antics and storylines that ended almost twenty years ago. So for the next year at least you can continue binging and enjoy revisiting some of your favorite episodes.

All I know is that this show was a big part of my childhood and pre-teen years. I recall hearing the theme song played at almost every large family event I went to. That theme song is still stuck in my head. At the end of the day we know the deal wasn’t really for the fans but to keep raking in the big bucks this one show brings in. Netflix is very much about producing their own content. It is rather interesting to see them put their money where their mouth is to keep something not original. Friends may be approaching its 20th anniversary but it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as long as Netflix keeps paying that is.

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Tarah Bleier
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