Geoff Johns holds out hope for Green Lantern 2


DC Comics’s chief creative officer/writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns is still hopeful that a second Green Lantern film will happen. This is despite Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes telling reporters back in August that a sequel was uncertain. Johns, who currently writes the Green Lantern comic among other titles and was also a co-producer on the film, mentioned at the New York Comic Con that the director’s cut of the movie could help build more interest in a sequel.

The additional nine minutes in the Green Lantern director’s cut ostensibly makes us care about the turgid, lifeless, CG nonsense on screen. To be fair, apparently the director’s cut of Daredevil is much better than the theatrical release. (One of these days I’ll find out.) It should be noted, however, that the director’s cut of Daredevil is 30 minutes longer rather than just nine minutes longer. Make of that what you will.

Bewkes’s caution makes sense given that the $200 million Green Lantern underperformed at the box office and reviews said it was, at best, as mediocre as a dry white bread sandwich on dry white bread. (Personally, I thought the film was a bad as Spinal Tap’s album Shark Sandwich.) Martin Campbell will not be directing the sequel if it happens, though Ryan Reynolds will likely return.

[Via ScreenRant]

Hubert Vigilla
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