Glow returns to Netflix this August


Streaming juggernaut Netflix has confirmed that the third season of Glow, its hit show about female wrestlers in the ’80s, will be returning in August. The 10 episode season will premiere on August 9 and the company unleashed a plethora of stills from the production. There’s a lot of pinks, a lot of spandex, and a ton of bright colors.

This third season will follow the adventures of the GLOW league as they perform on the Vegas strip. Headling at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino, the women soon learn that Sin City isn’t all its cracked up to be (who could have guessed?). Ruth (Alison Brie) starts to see her passion for wrestling dwindle as her personal life becomes ever more complicated. Debbie (Betty Gilpin) cannot reconcile her life as a producer and her obligation to her son. Each member of the team sees the line between their in-ring performance and reality blur and struggles crop up as they fight for their position in life.

I haven’t made the jump into this pastel world, but it has always struck me as something filled with passion. From the personal stories to the actresses being relatively unknown, Glow does look like something that would interest me. With the show being made up of half-hour episodes, it also doesn’t feel daunting to jump into. Maybe I’ll finally make the leg drop into the ring when season three premieres in a few months.

Netflix Reveals ‘GLOW‘ Season 3 Premiere Date with New Images [Collider]

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