Godzilla anime gets a trailer that animes hard

アニメーション映画『GODZILLA 怪獣惑星』本予告

Godzilla is so hot right now. Not only is he starring in his own cinematic universe, but he’s been reborn in Japan as well. Now he’s going to be all reborn again with a new anime, Godzilla: Monster Planet. If you check out the trailer you’ll notice this isn’t plastic suit Godzilla, but anime Godzilla… like, super-duper anime Godzilla.

This trailer couldn’t be more anime. It’s got lasers, and guys yelling, and then a Japanese pop song kicks in. I’m not even a big anime watcher and I knew that there probably isn’t much in existence more anime than this trailer. Seems a bit odd for a Godzilla film, but this one is a bit different. It takes place in the future where Godzilla has been ruling earth for 20,000 years. That’s one hell of a despot. 

The movie is going to release in Japan on November 17th and will then land on Netflix soon after that in the US. 

Matthew Razak
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