Godzilla Singular Point anime has JET JAGUAR!


One needn’t look far to catch a glimpse of old Godzilla, whether he’s slugging it out with Kong or featuring in other Netflix anime films, there’s a lot to digest, some more worthwhile than others. But Godzilla Singular Point, the new animated series set to premiere on Netflix, looks like it’s going to be a good one. My logic lies in two words: Jet Jaguar.

Unfolding amidst what appears to be an epidemic of kaiju chaos, the new trailer showcases a new look for everyone’s favorite android defender, Jet Jaguar, as all sorts of classic Godzilla monsters pop in. Anguirus is mentioned by name, and I caught a glimpse of some blue blob-lookin’ fella amidst all that vibrant animation. Produced by Toho Animation with work from Bones and Orange animation studios, Singular Point isn’t lacking for color. Even if things look a little bouncier than, say, Shin Godzilla, the upbeat aesthetic and the J-pop might be a nice diversion.

No stranger to anime, Netflix released a trio of animated Godzilla films beginning with 2017’s Planet of the Monsters, using a CG’d style in bringing the raging reptile to life. CG anime can be a bit of a controversial subject amongst purists, and while I’m no big fan Singular Point is looking good with its blend of old and new.

Set for 13 episodes, Netflix is touting Godzilla Singular Point as the “beginning of a new project” for the iconic titan. Fingers crossed the series makes a splash when it releases this June.