Netflix announces Godzilla Singular Point anime for 2021


Out of the blue, Netflix has announced that it has teamed up with Japanese producer Toho Co. LTD to create Godzilla Singular Point. A new anime adaptation of the popular Japanese monster, the series is currently on track for a 2021 global premiere. The animation will be handled by bones (My Hero Academia) and Orange (Land of the Lustrous, Beastars) and will be a combination of hand-drawn art and CG effects.

The creative team will be comprised of many heavy hitters in the anime space. The series is set to be helmed by director Atsushi Takahashi, known for his work on Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi. Kan Sawada (also of Doraemon fame) will be providing the score, and sci-fi novelist Toh Enjoe will be making his TV debut as an editor and writer for the series.

Not content to stop there, Netflix has also brought on Kazue Kato -creator of Blue Exorcist– as the character designer and is tapping animator Eiji Yamamori of Studio Ghibli fame to create new kaiju. That’s one seriously loaded crew.

At the moment, the only look at the series we have is from two promotional images released by Netflix. They don’t give us an exact idea of what Godzilla Singular Point will be about, but it seems likely it will follow in the footsteps of Netflix’s other Godzilla films.

Source: Netflix PR

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